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Hi, we’re Heather and Damian.

We’ve been journeying through life together in the cozy living spaces of San Francisco for nearly two decades. In 2012, we met the other loves of our lives, Dolly and Chunkers, our adorable Devon Rex cats.

We spent months searching for the perfect litter box—one that was both attractive enough to be openly displayed in our home and one that was simultaneously a complete litter box solution. Our search kept coming up short.

We found that most modern litter boxes currently on the market are only partial solutions. Many are simply litter box covers/enclosures that require you to solve the litter-holding aspect, often resulting in the use of a less than ideal litter pan. As for the designer plastic litter boxes we tried, our cats either wouldn’t use them or they just didn’t integrate well with our design aesthetic.

So, we decided to build our own! We set out to create a piece of high quality furniture from real wood that was both stylish, attractive and a complete litter box solution. We made several for our friends’ cats as well as our own. The response was unanimous, the kitties immediately took to CURIO and we no longer had to hide a pet essential. CURIO was born!

Heather & Damian